The Better Blind Company has years of experience working with custodial clients in environments such as prisons, young offenders institutions and police stations.

Security & Vandalism

Security is obviously of paramount importance in Custodial environments and vandalism can be a huge drain on monetary resources. To meet the demands of custodial environments, we have product configurations which have been designed with durability in mind. For example, our crank operated blinds are more hardwearing than chain operated.

We are also able to supply security and bomb blast window filming which protect against glass injuries, security breaches and vandalism.


We appreciate privacy can be very important in custodial environments and we have a range of products to satisfy this need.

Cubicle Tracking & Curtains – We offer a range of cubicle tracking solutions and cubicle curtains ranging from disposable cubicle curtains to washable custom curtains and shower curtains, suitable for medical facilities and communal changing areas.

Privacy Film – Available in both one and two way privacy.


Self harm and harm to others within the custodial environment can present a huge risk. To prevent self harm we carry a full range of anti-ligature products. Our range also includes flexible curtain tracking designed to minimise the risk of harm to others.

Price & Quality

We have taken time to choose fabrics and systems of only the highest quality. Our key focus is on maintaining quality and durability, at the lowest cost possible. This allows us to pass on the benefit to you with in terms of extremely competitive pricing.

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