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Better Blind Company are installers of window film for a variety of applications including reduction of solar gain and glare control, health and safety, security, privacy and decoration. Many of our window films are specifically designed allow our clients to comply with legislation relating to health and safety, as well as allowing them to address environmental and cost concerns around building energy efficiency.

Types of Window Film:

Solar Control Window Film

Common sense tells us that a light, bright working environment is much more enjoyable than the alternative. Unfortunately, sometimes the heat and glare from the light can be too much. Air conditioning can keep working environments cool but at a cost. Solar control window filming can reduce the amount of energy used in cooling your building and eliminate solar glare..

Purpose – Solar reflective window film prevents the heat build up and glare associated with windows.

Benefits – By using solar control window film you are increasing employee and customer comfort, whilst reducing energy costs and your organisations carbon footprint.

Legislation – In the UK, it is a requirement that businesses maintain a reasonable temperature in the working environment. By installing Solar Control Window Film you can abide by this legislation and also save money on your electricity bill by reducing the usage of your air conditioning system.

Types – Solar control window film comes in variety of types to suit various glazing specifications, and in various colour tints.

Standards - All of our solar control window films are tested to the required BS and prEN standards. Our range can reflect up to 78% of light and heat energy.

Safety Window Film

Glass is often not as strong as people think, and slight impurities in the manufacturing process can have some extreme repercussions, such as spontaneous shattering. The effect of this shattering can be very dangerous, especially for people below the glass, luckily we have a solution.

Purpose – Our safety window film stops glass from shattering and shards from flying when there is an incident, instead it holds the glass together to reduce risk of injury.

Benefits – With the current ‘claim culture’ it is important to keep your customers and employees safe when they are within your building, our safety window film gives you protection and peace of mind.

Legislation - 'The Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 Regulation 14'.

Types - Our safety window film is available in clear, reflective, tinted and smoked versions.

Standards - All our films are tested to the required BS and prEN standards.

Security Window Film

Windows are the number one entry point for burglars, due to them being the most vulnerable area to brute force. One way to prevent this is to install security bars or shutters, this can be quite unsightly. A better solution is security window film.

Purpose – Our film acts as an invisible barrier. Although it does not guarantee that intruders will not be able to break in, it largely increases the time needed to break through the window, which is a deterrent in itself.

Benefits – Removes the need to install alternative, less attractive measures of security. Provides increased security over untreated windows.

Types - Our safety window film is available in clear, reflective, tinted and smoked versions.

Standards - All our films are tested to the required BS and prEN standards.

Privacy Window Film

In work areas such as offices and boardrooms, and other areas such as bathrooms and changing rooms, privacy is a must. Our privacy window film gives you just that.

Purpose – Privacy window film is designed to obscure the view through windows while still allowing light to pass through.

Benefits – Stop people being able to see into sensitive areas through the windows. It can also act as a deterrent to thieves.

Types – We can supply ”frosted effect” which prevents vision from both sides, or “smoked effect“ which restricts inward vision during the day time.

Conservatory and Atrium Film

Due to their nature, conservatories often feature a lot of glass windows. This can provide great views, but unfortunately the heat build up due to the amount of windows can be massive.

Purpose – Our conservatory and atrium film is specifically designed to reflect 80% of solar rays, which ultimately leads to a cooler room.

Benefits – Allow your clientele to enjoy the comfort of your relaxing conservatory without feeling over powered by the sheer heat refracted through the windows. Our film also provides a UV-ray barrier.

Types - Highly reflective Silver and Bronze conservatory window films are available.

Graphics and Manifestation

Where presence of transparent glass presents a risk of human impact, window film can play an important role in providing “manifestation” of the glass surface. This manifestation can be practical but can also create a very stylish decorative finish for windows and doors. Better Blind Company can also provide high resolution printed window film which allows you to have virtually any image printed onto window filming.

Purpose – The purpose of manifestations on window filming is too comply with legislation dictating that there should be some indication on a window that tells people that there is indeed a window there. Graphics on window can provide decorative and promotional presence.

Benefits – Compliance with legislation and improvement in safety can be combined and attractive patterns or eye catching promotional graphics.

Legislation - On May 1st 2004 a new regulation Document M - Access to and Use of Buildings (2004 edition) was issued. The clear identification of transparent glass is a legal requirement wherever there is risk of human impact.

Types – We have a selection of stock designs, and we can also create designs specifically for you.

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