Cubicle Tracking

  • Standard and Mobile Tracking
  • Intravenous Bag and Pump carriers
  • Available with Kestrel Anti-Ligature Fixings
  • Cost Effective, Maintenance Free
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Movatrack Shower Track

Cubicle Tracking Systems


Our programme of cubicle track systems can be categorised into two types of system.

Cubicle Curtain Track Systems

Our cubicle track systems are one of the strongest and safest tracks available, while still keeping their slim and attractive appearance. Our cubicle tracks are specified for their strength and their long term cost-effectiveness. The Better Blind Company offer the only system on the market with roller wheel curtain hooks fitted as standard, this has two main advantages: free running curtains and zero maintenance. Even after years of use the curtains will glide smoothly.

Overhead Intravenous Track Systems

Overhead tracking is a space saving, safe alternative to the floor standing drip stand. Often in the hospital environment the area surrounding the bed can become overcrowded, this in itself has many repercussions, such as risk of damage or inefficient working practices.

Our systems help in maximizing floor space by suspending items which would normally take up floor space such as drip bags and pumps. This not only increases floor space but also ensures the items are always at hand when need as they can be positioned exactly where required and can not be knocked over.

Technical Specification:

System Manufactures:

Our cubicle track systems feature components from leading brands and manufactures including Movatrack, Silent Gliss, Goelst and Separe.

We are approved distributers and installers of Movatrack Cubicle Tracking.

System Construction:

At the core of each tracking system within our programme is a high grade aluminium profile. Die cast aluminium wall fixings are used rather than plastic fixing. Our tracks are available in either powder coated white or silver anodized finish.


• Movatrack 100 – A premium quality cubicle track system giving long term reliability.
• Movatrack 101 – Revolutionary mobile cubicle track system which maximizes space utilization by using unique sliding dividing rails.
• Movatrack IV200 Intravenous – Heavy duty ceiling mounted track, designed specifically for the overhead suspension of pump carriers and infusion pumps.
• Movatrack IV400 Intravenous – Medium duty ceiling mounted track, designed specifically for the overhead suspension of drip bags.

Features, Benefits and Options:

Movatrack 100 Cubicle Track

• Cost effective and maintenance free
• Strong, attractive aluminium profile – able to span 3m
• Roller wheel curtain hooks as standard
• Fitted with curtain removal point – for rapid replacement of Easy Fit Disposable Cubicle Curtains where used.
• White powder coated or silver anodised
• Any RAL colour available to order.

Movatrack 101 Mobile Cubicle Track System

• Unique mobile dividing rails – for instant alteration of cubicle space.
• Revolutionary space utilisation in busy departments such as A&E and Theatre Recovery.
• Patient privacy retained at all times
• Effortless curtain movement with roller wheel curtain hooks as standard.
• Fitted with curtain removal point – for rapid replacement of Easy Fit Disposable Cubicle Curtains where used.

Movatrack IV200 Heavy-Duty Overhead Intravenous Track System

• Heavy duty ceiling mounted track in white powder-coated aluminium.
• Heavy duty self-locking wheeled trolleys
• Five point telescopic carrier trees
• Pump carriers for syringe and infusion pumps
• Cable management option

Movatrack IV400 Medium-Duty Overhead Intravenous Track System

• Strong aluminium track with white powder coated finish
• Economical 2-point drip carriers with nylon runners
• Track suspended at cubicle track height
• Capacity 3kg per hook
• Mobile track option


Our Cubicle Track programme requires little or no maintenance, with components made from durable materials that will not corrode under normal circumstances. If for some reason damage to the components does occur, most are replaceable.

Size Restrictions:

Our PDF product literature offers guidance on the design load of each system model. This will allow you to make an informed decision on which model to specify, so that you can be confident of long lasting and trouble free operation. For avoidance of doubt, please feel free to contact us on FREEPHONE 0800 169 3765.


For full details of the individual models, please consult our literature, which can be downloaded by clicking below.

Cubicle Tracking Literature

•To request a hard copy of our cubicle tracking literature click here.

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